APS Agreements

Annual Programmer Support Agreements

Make sure your production always has a green light.
Choose the perfect Data I/O APS for you.

When Time Matters, APS agreements ensure you have the latest enhancements to the FlashCORE III programming engine delivering blazing fast programming speeds for maximum production efficiencies.

When Quality Matters, trust Data I/O, the leader in the programming industry for over 40 years, to deliver the highest quality algorithms available written to each device's specifications.

When Cost Matters, protect your investement to ensure it runs at optimal performance increasing production efficiences, minimizing scrap and rework and preventing expenses for calibration and repairs.

All Data I/O programmers come standard with a one year limited warranty on hardware and software.  Annual Programmer Support (APS) agreements offer a way to extend Data I/O's industry-leading service and support even longer.  With your active APS agreement, you can rest assured that your programming equipment has the following coverage:

  • The latest software features
  • Support for the programmable devices you require
  • Hardware coverage beyond the warranty

Learn more about APS agreements in a brief recorded webinar:  Why APS is important.

With multiple options, including a software-only agreement, there's an APS pefect for your programming needs.  To learn more contact our sales department or request a quote below.

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