Discontinued Products

Products no longer manufactured​

The following programmers and programming are no longer being manufactured by Data I/O but are still fully supported. Software and hardware support contracts, parts, accessories, software and hardware upgrades, etc. are still available for most of these products. For the price and availability of these items, please contact us.

No products

Products not supported

The following programmers are no longer being manufactured by Data I/O. Support is not available from Data I/O for these products.

In-Line Programmers​

  • RoadRunner3-Panasonic
  • RoadRunner3-Siplace-X
  • RoadRunner3-Universal
  • RoadRunner-FC3-KNS
  • RoadRunner3-Fuji/NXT/AIM
  • RoadRunner XLF
  • RoadRunner Family

FLX Family
(Desktop Automation)​

  • FLX500 (Programmer)​
  • FLXHD (Duplicator) 

PS Family (Automated Programming Systems)​

  • PP100​
  • PS200​
  • PS288​​
  • PS300​
  • PS300FC​
  • PS388​
  • PS588

Desktop (Sprint) Multisyte Universal Programmers​

  • Dual (2 socket Gang Programmer)​
  • Quad (4 socket Gang Programmer)​
  • Octal (8 socket Gang Programmer)

Low Cost Universal Programmers​

  • ChipLab/LabSite​
  • ChipWriter​
  • ChipWriter Gang​
  • ChipWriter Portable

Tube to Tube Programming Automation​

  • ProMaster 2500 (Desktop Automation, Supports Label Making​
  • ProMaster 3000 (Supports Label Marking)​
  • ProMaster 7000 (Supports Laser Marking​
  • ProMaster 7500 (Dual AutoSite Programmers with Laser Marking)​
  • ProMaster 3000 Dot Matrix Printer (Option)

Desktop (Sprint) Single Socket Universal Programmers​

  • Plus48 (single socket), low cost​
  • Optima Light (Single socket) limited DS​
  • Optima (Single socket)

Gang Desktop Programmers​

  • PSX400​
  • PSX500​
  • PSX1000

Onboard Programmer​

  • BoardSite 4XXXX Series​
  • BoardSite 5100

Desktop (Unifamily) Universal Programmers

  • 2900 (single socket)​
  • 3900 (single socket)​
  • 3980 (single socket)​
  • Unisite (single socket with optional gang module) 

SMS GmbH discontinued products​

The following programmers were manufactured by SMS GmbH and were discontinued prior to the acquisition of SMS GmbH by Data I/O. Support is not available for these products.​

  • Sprint Expert Series​
  • Sprint1 Series​
  • Sprint Plus Series

Discontinued software packages​

The following software packages are no longer being manufactured by Data I/O and are not supported.​

  • ABEL​
  • FutureNET​
  • SYNARIO Design Automation


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