LumenX Release

LumenX 2.0 Release

Keep your LumenX up-to-date for maximum performance and reliability with the latest LumenX Software. Our releases deliver new functionality, improved performance, and usability.

Highlights from LumenX 2.0 Release

New Features and Enhancements

New VerifyBoost™ software license for UFS devices.  VerifyBoost increases programming performance by up to 64% on LumenX programmers for UFS devices and reduces the total cost of programming by up to 39%. VerifyBoost delivers faster verify performance up to 750 MBps with High-speed Gear3 x 2-Lane support for UFS devices enabling customers to leverage existing production capacity for significant throughput gains and reduce the total cost of programming.  VerifyBoost is available to LumenX customers with purchase of a VerifyBoost system level license.  Existing customers can upgrade their LumenX programmers to support VerifyBoost.

TurboBoost performance is now supported on all UFS and eMMC algorithms without a license. TurboBoost enables programming performance up-to 160 MBps for read/write speeds. 

Byte swap support added for HEX files.

Job Data Verifier Utility checks static data embedded in a job against the file on disk.


System Requirements

LumenX release for the PSV7000 requires customers to install AH v3.5 or CH v3.5 software and higher on their PSV systems .  Please download and update your PSV system prior to running LumenX 

AH & CH Software Download:
AH v3.5
CH v3.5

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