Programming for a secure and connected world

Growth drivers for Data I/O

The automotive semiconductor market is forecasted to triple by 2030 driving significant growth opportunity for Data I/O

Programming for a Secure and Connected World

Growth Drivers for Data I/O

Data I/O is entering the 'golden age' of security with the opportunity to address 10% to 15% of a 30 billion unit microcontroller market

Programming for a Secure and Connected World

Growth Drivers for Data I/O

A tripling of automotive silicon +
A rapidly growing 30 billion unit microcontroller market for IoT and security =
Long term growth drivers for Data I/O

Programming for a secure and connected world

Growth drivers for Data I/O

Robust patent portfolio with over 20 US and international patents for SentriX and security provisioning and over 50 patents overall on programming technology

Revolutionary Data Programming & Security Provisioning Technology Drive Growth Opportunities for Data I/O

Data I/O (NASDAQ: DAIO) is the leading global provider of advanced data and security deployment solutions. These solutions are used by some of the world’s largest manufacturers, programming centers, and contract manufacturers to securely program integrated circuits and bring their electronic devices to life. Virtually every electronic product today incorporates one or more programmable semiconductor devices that contain data and operating instructions essential for the proper operation of the product.

Automotive Market

IoT & Security Market

Long-Term Growth

Our Customers

Data I/O’s customers include a list of “blue chip” OEMs and their manufacturing partners in the automotive, industrial controls, IoT, consumer electronics, and medical device manufacturers industries.  Customers in the rapidly growing automotive electronics industry represent approximately 55% of our revenue today.  This comes from eight of the top nine and 18 of the top 20 global automotive electronics suppliers. 

Our Use Cases

Secure the Supply Chain and Prevent Cloning

An electric vehicle manufacturer is using a trusted platform module to secure its supply chain.

Meet Regulations and Protect Revenue

Water Meter OEM

Water metering in Germany requires strong security to protect revenue & meet regulations.

Protect Accessory Revenue

Industrial Marking OEM Protects Accessory Revenue with SentriX

An industrial marking and traceability solutions OEM protects accessory revenue.

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