Industrial Controls

Reliability and Quality in Mission Critical Programming

The number of programmable microcontroller and Flash memory devices used in mission-critical industrial controls including building controls, security systems, utilities monitoring equipment is increasing each year. New requirements to protect OEM IP, authenticate silicon, and enable cloud on-boarding for device management are challenging electronics manufacturers to meet these requirements and program the latest Flash memory, secure microcontrollers, secure elements, and authentication devices. A trusted programming process during manufacturing ensures devices are programmed correctly and securely every time.

Data I/O is trusted to meet the most demanding quality requirements by industrial controls electronics manufacturers worldwide


  • Highest production yield up to 99.8%
  • Trusted to program over a billion devices
  • Proven & repeatable programming results with Version Control software
  • Minimize human error with bar code scanning
  • ISO9001:2015 certified management processes


  • Software applications to meet strict requirements
  • Component level programming history for extensive traceability
  • Protect IP with job auditing
  • Extract data via XML files for easy integration into factory and third party systems


  • Security Deployment as-a-Service for strong device security
  • Brand Protection
  • IP Protection
  • Regulation
  • Supply Chain Integrity


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