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Data I/O’s market-leading products and global service and support provide exciting market growth opportunities

Serving Customers Globally in Growing Markets

Data I/O is the largest company in the programming industry, nearly 2x the size of nearest competitors. Data I/O’s market-leading products and global service and support provide it with exciting growth opportunities as a result of favorable secular trends within the automotive electronics and the Internet of Things (“IoT”) markets. The PSV family of data programming systems is considered the industry’s “gold standard” and offers customers proven technology and handling capabilities that deliver the lowest total cost of programming. The SentriX® security deployment platform offers customers unique capabilities to provide strong security for their IoT and automotive products.

Market Drivers

Serving Customers Globally in Growing Markets

Secular trends driving growth in the IoT and Automotive markets include:

  • More semiconductor content drives unit growth
  • Increase in code size with enhanced features drives bit growth
  • OEMs and consumers requiring secure products drives new security requirements for programming
Automotive Electronics

Automotive Electronics

  • 8 of the top 9 and 18 of the top 20 Automotive electronics companies
  • ~60% of revenue from Automotive Electronics customers
  • Automotive semiconductor sales are expected to increase 50% in 4 years according to Gartner Group
Industrial Controls

Industrial Controls & IoT

Security provisioning and data programming solutions for industrial controls and IoT applications

  • Growing market with billions of security-enabled devices
  • A large ecosystem of SentriX partners provides a scalable, easy to develop and deploy service for customers of all sizes
  • SentriX next-generation architecture enables over 430 existing Data I/O PSV systems deployed worldwide to be easily upgraded with SentriX
  • Per-Part-Fee model drives high-margin recurring revenue growth

Security Deployment Technology

Over the past several years, Data I/O has developed the SentriX® Security Deployment Platform. SentriX systems support secure elements and microcontrollers for Automotive and Internet-of-Things applications. Security Silicon is expected to be a 4 billion unit market in 2023, according to ABI Research, a leading market research firm.

Our Use Cases

Secure the Supply Chain and Prevent Cloning

An electric vehicle manufacturer is using a trusted platform module to secure its supply chain.

Meet Regulations and Protect Revenue

Water Meter OEM

Water metering in Germany requires strong security to protect revenue & meet regulations.

Protect Accessory Revenue

Industrial Marking OEM Protects Accessory Revenue with SentriX

An industrial marking and traceability solutions OEM protects accessory revenue.

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