Flash Based FPGA Support

Universal Device Support

Flash-based FPGA, CPLD and PLD Support on FlashCORE III

What are Flash-based FPGA's, CPLDs or PLDs?

An FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is an integrated circuit designed to be configured by a customer or a designer after manufacturing.  Flash-based FPGA's are a combination of FPGAs with flash memory.  They are a unique combination of non-volatility and re-programmability within a single chip providing a simple, secure, reliable and low-power solution for very cost-effective implementations.  CPLDs and PLDs are also logic devices that behave similarly to FPGAs.

One chip is all you need with flash-based FPGA architecture or CPLDs and PLDs.  Since the device design configuration is stored in internal flash the power-up configuration is extremely fast and simple. Flash technology is inherently lower power than other FPGA technologies.  Flash-based FPGAs are targeted for applications demanding reliability, security and low power.

FPGA, CPLD and PLD devices are produced by a number of semiconductor companies including Xilinx, Altera, Actel, Atmel and Lattice.

One programming engine to handle everything!  Support for Flash-based FPGA, CPLD and PLD Devices on FlashCORE III

Our customers use a wide range of device technology in their products.   With universal device support, FlashCORE III supports the latest memory technologies (including NAND, NOR, eMMC, Managed NAND, Serial and more), Microcontrollers and Logic devices. With FlashCORE III programming architecture you can:

  • streamline your programming process
  • decrease your cost to support and maintain different programming platforms and
  • increase production efficiencies

Data I/O currently supports the following flash-based FPGA, CPLD and PLD devices:

Actel Xilinx Lattice Altera Atmel
 IGLOO  XC2C Family  Mach X02  Max V  ATF
 ProAsic  XC95 Family  Mach XO  Max II  
     LFXP  EPM7xxx  
     iSP Mach  EPM3xxx  

In addition to the FPGA, CPLD and PLD devices we also support the following file formats:

  • JED:  Atmel, Lattice and Xilinx
  • POF:  Altera
  • DAT:  Actel

Additional device support is available upon request.  Single socket adapters are available for engineering development and multi-socket adapters (up to 4 sockets) for volume production.

With FlashCORE III you receive support for the latest device technologies including flash-based FPGAs and legacy devices.  For automated programming environments with universal device support requirements, the cost savings and convenience of FlashCORE III can be significant.  Data I/O customers who have purchased an APS support contract can access new algorithm for Flash FPGA devices as soon as they are released.

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