NexTeach Pro for the PSV7000

NexTeach Pro

Simple. Fast. Accurate. PSV7000 Teach

Data I/O advances the world’s premier automated programming system, the PSV7000, with NexTeach Pro for up to 4x faster job teaching and up to 10x more accuracy versus alternative methods 


NexTeach is Data I/O’s next generation of job teaching technology.  NexTeach simplifies the teaching process by automating the XYZR measurements and coordinates with the single touch of a button.  NexTeach Pro Combines:

  • NexTeach Vision:  Easily find device center (x-y) from PSV7000 user interface.  NexTeach Vision is ideal for small devices
  • NexTeach Laser Quickly teach Z-height without touching the device with air (vacuum or puff)
  • NexTeach Software:  Automatically teach the XYZ measurements with a touch of a button

With NexTeach Pro, quickly teach a job one time, set-it and forget it.  All PSV7000 systems are upgradeable to NexTeach Pro.


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