PSV System Options

Marking, Inspection & Quality Options for the PSV Family

Data I/O offers a comprehensive selection of options for the PSV family to meet quality requirements.

Fiber Laser Marking

High precision laser marking system.  Control the size and depth of the laser mark with ease.  Supports complex marks including QR codes, logos, and large to very small font sizes.

PSV7000 fiber laser system marks two devices at a time.
PSV5000 and PSV3500 fiber laser system marks one device at a time.

Fiber Laser Marking

3D Coplanarity Vision

3D vision inspection ensures all leaded and non-leaded device pins/bumps fall within their manufactured tolerances (coplanarity).  Devices that fail 3D inspection are rejected, ensuring only known good programmed devices are placed into the output media.  The PSV7000 with 3D vision inspects a variety of device packaging including BGA, CSP, QFT, TSOP, SOIC, and J-Lead devices in three dimensions.  Included are standard device file libraries for easy set-up and training.

3D Coplanarity Vision is supported on the PSV7000.


Ionizers are essential for controlling static in automated programming systems.  Failure to control static charge can lead to product losses from electrostatic discharge (ESD).  By continuously generating positive and negative ions, ionizers neutralize surface areas that are charged.  For this reason, recognizing and eliminating electrostatic discharge in your PSV automated programming system is becoming increasingly important for quality assurance.

PSV7000 supports 1 self-monitoring integrated ionizer with 13 emitters.
PSV5000 and PSV3500 support up to 2 integrated ionizers.
PSV2800 supports up to 2 integrated ionizers.

Integrated Ionizers


Simple. Fast. Accurate

NexTeach is Data I/O’s next generation of job teaching technology. NexTeach simplifies the teaching process by automating the XYZR measurements and coordinates with the single touch of a button. 

NexTeach Pro, available on the PSV7000, combines:

  • NexTeach Vision:  Easily find the device center (x-y) from PSV7000 user interface. NexTeach Vision is ideal for small devices.
  • NexTeach Laser:  Quickly teach Z-height without touching the device with air (vacuum or puff).
  • NexTeach Software:  Automatically teach the XYZ measurements with a touch of a button.

NexTeach Software is available on the PSV5000 and PSV3500. 

Download the NexTeach datasheet to learn more.

Next Teach Pro

Barcode Scanning

Minimize operator error by selecting the correct programming job using a bar code scanner.

Barcode scanning is supported on the PSV7000, PSV5000, PSV3500 and PSV2800.

Bar Code Scanning

2D Tape Out Inspection

Ensure quality by inspecting for laser marks, ink marks, and device orientation verification when the devices are placed into the tape-out.

2D tape-out inspection is supported on both the PSV7000, PSV5000, and PSV3500.

2D Tape Out Inspection

Ink Dot Marker

Low cost, high efficience and high quality automated ink dot marking system.

 The Automated Ink Dot Marker is supported on the PSV7000, PSV5000, PSV3500 and PSV2800.

Automated Ink Dot Marker

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