The Problem

OEMs are increasingly concerned their modern connected devices are susceptible to IP theft, product cloning and system hacking.  The risk exponentially increases when devices are not properly secured early in manufacturing potentially exposing access to private information and leaving the device susceptible to hacking.  To address this threat, leading silicon vendors of authentication chips, secure elements and secure microcontroller devices are announcing new device families enabling OEM's to embed security roots-of-trust and protect their devices.


The SentriXTM Platform is a highly flexible cost-effective security provisioning and data programming sytem for authentication devices, secure elements and secure microcontrollers.  The SentriX Platform seamlessly combines Data I/O's PSV7000 device handling technology, LumenTMX programming technology, ConneXTM Smart Programming Software and Secure Thingz Secure DeployTM platform for a trusted, secured and integrated solution.  The Sentrix Platform embeds a strong foundation of security, roots-of-trust and authentication in manufacturing to deliver a secure supply chain for trusted devices.

Designing Hardware Based Security Into Your Design

Hardware based security seems complicated.  As an OEM's where do I begin?  Data I/O can help guide you through and take your design from engineering through to volume production.

  • Decide on strategy for hardware based security & certificate authority strategy
  • Design a secure element, authentication IC or secure microcontroller into your product
  • Take your design from development into first article and volume production

The SentriX Platform is in production at our programming center partners and is available for OEMs of any size and volume today.  Contact us to learn more about designing in hardware based security.


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Supported Devices

Security ICs

  • Infineon Optiga Trust E
  • Infineon Optiga Trust X
  • Maxim Integrated Deep Cover® DS28C36
  • Maxim Integrated Deep Cover® DS2476
  • NXP A70CM
  • NXP A71CH
  • NXP SE050
  • More soon!


  • Cypress PSoC 6
  • Microchip SAML11
  • NXP FS32K
  • More soon!


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Security Partners

Data I/O partners with ecosystem leaders to secure connected devices for
OEMs of all size and volume

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