A revolutionary programming platform delivering managed and secure programming with unrivaled performance at an extraordinary value.

Revolutionary Performance

 Engineered to maximize manufacturing velocity with rapid download, program and verify speeds.

  • Engineered for ultra-fast programming performance up to 160 MBytes/sec with TurboBoost
  • Supports cache memory up to 256 GBytes and extensible up to 512 GBytes
  • 2x faster download speed up to  50 MBytes/sec to all programmers simultaneously reducing job set-up
  • 3x programming capacity with up to 8 sockets/ programmer and up to 14 LumenX programmers integrated into the PSV7000 for 112 sockets

Architected for Managed and Secure Programming

Manage and secure your programming job from design through manufacturing for highest quality.

  • LumenX Data Management Software Suite secures programming jobs from creation to production
  • Comprehensive Traceability Software for managed programming
  • Personalized algorithms further reduce complexity and human error

Revolutionary Value

 Designed for highest quality at the lowest total cost per programmed part for an exceptional value.

  • 1 PSV7000 with LumenX programmers replaces up to 3 competitive systems
  • Reduce the total cost of programming by up to 75%
  • Investment protection - PSV7000 supports both LumenX technology and FlashCORE programmers

LumenX Data Management Software Suite

LumenX Data Management Software Suite including Job Creator and Job Runner secures programming jobs from creation to production

  • Bundle and secure your programming job, parameters, image file(s) and algorithm together with Job Creator
  • Validate checksum at job creation ensuring the file is correct for production
  • Job Runner validates programming jobs are free from corruption and enables operators to view job parameters while preventing them from modifying the secured programming job

Supported Device Technologies

Data I/O architected the LumenX Platform to support  the latest device technologies today and in the future protecting and preserving customers' investmrent in Data I/O's programming technology.  As customers' applications transition from eMMC Flash to Universal Flash Storage (UFS) devices, the customers' investment in programming technology is protected.

LumenX supports:

  • eMMC Flash Memory 4.41 - 5.1 in eMMC standard speed, HS, HS200 and HS400 modes with TurboBoost for ultra-fast programming performance
  • Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0 devices with TurboBoost for ultra-fast programming performance

LumenX Desktop Programmer  The LumenX is available in the PSV7000, PSV5000 and SentriX systems. 
LumenX is also availalbe as a standalone desktop solution which is ideal for first article and NPI validation.

Request support for your device or request a quote or additional information about the LumenX technology.


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Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ: DAIO) is the leading global provider of advanced data and security programming solutions for flash, flash-memory based intelligent devices and microcontrollers for automotive, Internet-of-Things, medical, wireless, consumer electronics, industrial controls and other markets.   Customers use Data I/O’s programming solutions to reliably, securely, and cost-effectively bring innovative new products to life.

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