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Presentation: Pre-programmed Flash Memory & Recommended Best Practices for X-Ray and Post Oven Reflow

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Presentation:  Pre-programmed Flash Memory & Recommended Best Practices for X-Ray and Post Oven Reflow

By:  Anthony Ambrose
President & CEO Data I/O


Advancements in the flash technology to support larger storage in a small package have raised concerns on the reliability of pre-programmed devices during the manufacturing process.High energy radiation exposure can be a source of stress for some preprogrammed Managed-NAND devices if not managed properly. This stress varies depending on the grade of the managed NAND device including Commercial, Industrial and Automotive. Managed-NAND integrates NAND flash memory and an embedded controller chip in a single package to perform error correction (ECC), wear leveling and bad-block management internally to ensure the integrity of the data programmed in the Flash array.NAND performance is relative to the quality and sophistication designed into the embedded controller firmware.

Production bottlenecks and high cost of programming large files at test make preprogramming the preferred method for production managers building product using high-density eMMC NAND flash.While there are several well documented papers to validate that X-Ray inspection can impact data retention in preprogrammed eMMC NAND devices, little is mentioned regarding technology advancements designed to correct eMMC data retention errors including bit-flips. This session is intended to help production managers better understand eMMC NAND and 3D UFS with a focus on the technology safeguards and recommended best practices to ensure data integrity from the time the eMMC or UFS device is preprogrammed to final product.Error correction code (ECC) enabled eMMC devices preserve data integrity and are essentially immune to “reasonable” doses of irradiation.

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