Insights from productronica 2023

December 01, 2023 | Categories: Insights

Insights from productronica 2023

productronica 2023, the industry’s largest conference and exhibition for electronics manufacturing, happens every two years in Munich, Germany. We are thrilled to share the latest updates from our recent appearance at the show. This event presented us with a tremendous opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge solutions and engage in insightful discussions on the future of electronics manufacturing. 

During the event, Data I/O President and CEO, Anthony Ambrose, actively contributed to the industry dialogue furthering the discussion on topics including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance for electronics manufacturers, the importance of securing IoT devices during the device programming process, and the role of device programming in the future of smart factories.  

Anthony Ambrose also presented at the productronica Forum during the event, “Simplifying Hardware-based IoT Security in the Electronics Supply Chain with Pre-defined Use Cases”, and "Industry 4.0: Integrating Offline Automated Device Programming into the Connected Factory for Production Efficiency, Traceability and Quality.” The latter topic sparked interest from IoT Insider, who scheduled time for a follow-up interview to explore the topic of Industry 4.0 and how device programming is going to be a strategic part of any smart factory to increase manufacturing efficiencies in production and traceability throughout the supply chain.  

Also announced at the event were the winners of the 2023 Global Technology Awards, an 18-year-running award ceremony hosted by Global SMT & Packaging. This celebration recognizes the companies and people achieving standards of excellence and driving the printed circuit assembly and packaging industries forward.  Data I/O was honored to receive the Device Programming Award for VerifyBoost™ for Lumen®X

As we delve into thought leadership at productronica 2023, the narrative continues to unfold. Data I/O’s role in shaping industry dialogues sets the stage for the dynamic conversations and impactful insights that emerged at this premier electronics manufacturing event. 


Industry Thought Leadership Discussions from productronica 

At the forefront of innovation and thought leadership, Data I/O, led by our CEO, Anthony Ambrose, actively participated in pivotal discussions at productronica 2023. As we explore the challenges and advancements in our field, these dialogues not only underscore Data I/O's dedication to excellence but also emphasize the collective mission of industry leaders—to propel our shared vision forward and drive meaningful change in the landscape of electronics manufacturing. 


Image of a panel discussion taken during productronica 2023Likely the most buzz-worthy topic at this year’s productronica show was the topic of ESG and sustainability. Trevor Galbraith of Global SMT and Packaging hosted a panel discussion on the topic and invited Mr. Ambrose to participate, along with other industry leaders. This engaging conversation shed light on the challenges electronics manufacturers face in improving ESG performance and promoting sustainability within supply chains. 


Trevor Galbraith of Global SMT speaks to Anthony Ambrose of Data I/O during productronica 2023In a brief yet insightful interview with Global SMT and Packaging, Mr. Ambrose also shared how customer needs influenced recent upgrades to our ConneX and VerifyBoost™ platforms. Jennifer Higgins, our Director of Corporate Marketing, provided valuable insights into Data I/O's ESG and sustainability strategy. We encourage you to explore the interview to gain further insights. Data I/O Upgrades ConneX and VerifyBoost™ Platforms (duration: 9 min.). 



Chloe O'Brien of WNIE speaks with Anthony Ambrose of Data I/O during productronica 2023Mr. Ambrose engaged in discussions with What's New in Electronics (WNIE) on secure device programming solutions with SentriX® and smart factory automation with ConneX. These conversations highlighted the importance of our solutions in ensuring secure programming and driving the future of smart factories. Data I/O on Secure Device Programming and Smart Factory Automation (duration: 5 min.). 




Anthony Ambrose, CEO of Data I/O speaks during a forum presentation at Productronica 2023IoT Insider also published an article about Mr. Ambrose’s forum presentation on Industry 4.0, emphasizing the integral role of device programming in the future of smart factories. The article underscores our commitment to shaping the industry's future. Device programming is integral to the future of smart factories (5-min. read). 



In wrapping up our experience at productronica 2023, we want to express our gratitude for the enriching discussions and exciting developments occurring during the event. The industry's recognition, exemplified by winning the 2023 Global Technology Award for the Device Programming category, fuels our commitment to excellence. 

The buzz generated at productronica echoes our mission — to bring electronic products to life, ensuring efficiency, security, and sustainability at every step. We are excited about the path ahead and look forward to sharing more updates and innovations as we continue to lead in device programming and security provisioning technology in the dynamic world of electronics manufacturing. 

Read the latest from Productronica 2023, where we showcased cutting-edge solutions and engaged in discussions on the future of electronics manufacturing.

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