Fireside Chat: Industry 4.0 and Why Everything Needs to be Connected

October 19, 2022 | Categories: Insights, Fireside Chats

Fireside Chat: Industry 4.0 and Why Everything Needs to be Connected

Data I/O's Fireside Chat series; a collection of interviews between Data I/O CEO and President, Anthony Ambrose, and a selection of highly respected professionals within the investment and financial communities. These “Fireside Chats” cover important and timely topics relating to the company, its platform technologies and the global business environment. This episode, the fifth in the series, Industry 4.0 and Why Everything Needs to be Connected, features Vishal Mishra, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Mishra Capital Partners. 

This interview focuses on programming solutions for Industry 2.X today, the transition to 3.0 and soon 4.0, where full connectivity on the factory floor will be the standard. Also covered are Data I/O's engineering innovations that elevated automated handling and programming as the new standard, and how ConneX software is used to connect automated programming devices with smart manufacturing facilities for the highest quality, efficiency, and traceability. 

"Factories are expensive and the ability to get a little bit better utilization; be faster and more responsive to changes in customer demand is critical. And programming is becoming much more of an integrated activity in these smart factories. And we’re leading in that respect, and we continue to invest to stay ahead there." - Anthony Ambrose

Future episodes will be announced via the Data I/O LinkedIn page as well as published on the blog. To see the full schedule and learn more about the series, click here.



Data I/O CEO, Anthony Ambrose, and Vishal Mishra of Mishra Capital Partners discuss Industry 4.0 and the reasons why everything needs to be connected

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