Fireside Chat: AI Programming Security Requirements

January 25, 2024 | Categories: Insights

Fireside Chat: AI Programming Security Requirements

Welcome back to our Fireside Chat series. In this episode, Data I/O CEO and President, Anthony Ambrose, as well as Rajeev Gulati, Vice President and CTO at Data I/O are accompanied by Investment Analyst Vishal Mishra from Bard Associates. These experts delve into the pivotal role security plays in the programming of Artificial Intelligence.

The integration of security into AI programming isn't just a necessity; it's a visionary approach to shaping a secure and innovative future. Watch the conversation below to learn how Data I/O is leading the charge in AI Programming Security Requirements



Key Talking Points


Driving Automotive Evolution: A Journey with Data I/O: The conversation begins with a deep dive into Data I/O's roots in the consumer cellular industry and Anthony sheds light on the company's trajectory into the automotive market emphasizing the necessity of this pivot for Data I/O’s future success. In his own words, Ambrose states, "…the development of our ultrafast LumineX programmer, which was an order of magnitude faster than the previous generation of products we developed, was a critical technology piece for us to get all the wins we did in that first wave of automotive infotainment.”

Rajeev adds a technological perspective, unveiling the critical transition from EMMC to UFS in high memory density for automobiles. The conversation weaves through the intricate challenges of programming UFS devices, showcasing Data I/O's prowess in navigating and leading this technological shift.


Beyond the Horizon: Navigating the AI Landscape: Rajeev outlines the crucial role Data I/O plays in anticipating and embracing change. From domain controllers to the increasing digitalization of analog systems in cars, the conversation touches on architectural changes and the role of high-density memory in the automotive landscape.


Securing the Future: The Role of AI in Programming Security: Rajeev shares insights into Data I/O's foray into security provisioning where the company leverages its unique position in the supply chain to inject security early on. Anthony emphasizes the importance of simplicity in manufacturing environments and how Data I/O's platform makes complex security protocols operationally seamless.


Technology Trends and Architectural Changes in Automotive: Rajeev shares insights into technological trends in the automotive industry, specifically the transition from eMMC to UFS (universal file storage) and the challenges associated with programming UFS devices. He discusses architectural changes, including the shift towards domain controllers and the increasing digitization of analog systems in cars.


Data I/O's Expertise in Flash Programming: Anthony emphasizes Data I/O's expertise in flash programming, especially in the context of the automotive market's demand for reliable programming solutions. The company's collaboration with semiconductor suppliers and commitment to staying at the forefront of technology are highlighted.


Security Provisioning and Diversification: Rajeev discusses Data I/O's venture into security provisioning, leveraging its position in the manufacturing supply chain to inject security early in the process. The conversation explores the motivation behind diversifying into security-related services, including identity creation, secure boot, and firmware protection.


Simplicity and Innovation in Programming: Anthony underscores the importance of simplicity in manufacturing environments. He explains how Data I/O's platform simplifies complex technology for operators while maintaining a high level of sophistication in the underlying technology. The company's commitment to innovation is highlighted through the mention of over 20 patents related to security.


AI and Security: A Symbiotic Relationship: The discussion then draws an intriguing connection between AI and security. Anthony sheds light on the symbiotic relationship, where the demand for strong security protocols is stimulated by the rise of AI. The discussion unravels how Data I/O's secure hardware-based root of trust becomes a cornerstone in creating trustworthy AI data sets for machine learning.


Future Trends and Industry Changes: Anthony shares insights into future trends, including the increasing connectivity of factories, the role of AI in internal business processes, and the evolving landscape of security in the semiconductor industry. The speakers anticipate that AI will drive increased demand for security solutions.



Data I/O's Fireside Chat Series: The 2023-2024 Season

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Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Data I/O, where we continue to lead the way in enabling a sustainable, innovative, and connected automotive world.


Explore AI Programming Security Requirements in this conversation with Data I/O's Anthony Ambrose and Rajeev Gulati with Vishal Mishra of Bard Associates.

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