Software & Firmware Updates

Periodically, Data I/O ships algorithms and a full set of programmer system software to customers with an active Annual Programmer Support (APS) agreement.  These "Update Kits" contain the latest programmer firmware, algroithms and operator documentation for your programmer.  Customers with APS agreements can use all device support on the CD as well as download all interim versions of the latest programmer firmware and algorithms.

It is important to use the latest available algorithms.  Memory devices change all the time.  With die and lot revisions, subtle changes in the silicon can require small changes to the way the device is programmed.  In order to ensure that you have all the latest software and algorithms, we recommendd keeping your APS agreement active by using the links below.

Don't have an APS agreement?   

To learn more about the APS program and how it works, click here.  If you are interested in an Annual Programmer Support agreement request a quote.

APS Quote Request


FlashCORE Software

FlashCORE software powers our award-winning programmer architecture which drives all the following programmers.  Use the following links to view, download or search the latest software arranged by programmer type to keep your programmers up to date.





PS Series   




Sprint Software

Download the latest programming algorithms for your Sprint programmer here.  Sprint includes Desktop (manual) solutions as well as automated solutions.

Sprint Desktop Solutions   


Sprint Automated Solutions   


UniFam Software

View and download algorithms for your Unifam products here, including the Autosite, 2900, 3900/3980, or UniSite.

UniFam Desktop Solutions