Discontinued Products


Products no longer manufactured

 The following programmers are no longer being manufactured by Data I/O but are still fully supported. Software and hardware support contracts, parts, accessories, software and hardware upgrades, etc. are still available for theses products. For price and availability of these items, please contact us:

  • 2900
  • 3980
  • 3900
  • Autosite
  • Plus 48
  • PS300FC
  • Unisite
  • Optima Light
  • Optima
  • Dual
  • Quad
  • Octal


Discontinued products supported on best-effort basis

The following products are no longer being manufactured. However, we will provide repairs and accessories on a best-effort basis for as long as we have available parts.

  • BoardSite 4XXX Series
  • PSX400 (calibration only)
  • PP100
  • PS200
  • PS300


Products not supported

The following programmers are not longer being manufactured by Data I/O. Support is not available from Data I/O for these products.

  • BoardSite5100
  • ChipLab/LabSite
  • ChipWriter
  • ChipWriter Gang
  • ChipWriter Portable
  • ProMaster 2500/7500
  • ProMaster 3000/7000
  • ProMaster 9500
  • ProMaster 3000 Dot Matrix Printer
  • PSX 400 1
  • PSX 500 1
  • PSX 1000 1


SMS GmbH discontinued products

 The following programmers were manufactured by SMS GmbH and were discontinued prior to the acquistion of SMS GmbH by Data I/O. Support is not available for these products.

  • Sprint Expert Series
  • Sprint1 Series
  • Sprint Plus Series



Discontinued software packages

 The following software packages are no longer being manufactured by Data I/O and are not supported.

  • ABEL
  • FutureNET
  • SYNARIO Design Automation


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