Reduce Cost & Risk with Factory Integration Software

Manage and monitor your programming process with Factory Integration Software to reduce cost and risk.  Factory Integration Software (FIS)  integrates with your factory’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) reducing cost and risk by:

  • Reducing Operator Error
  • Enabling data-driven decision making
  • Improving productivity

FIS is comprised of three modules, FIS Track, FIS Remote and FIS SDK and integrates with Data I/O’s PS family of offline automated handlers and the RoadRunner3 just-in-time programming system.

FIS Remote provides remote control of RoadRunner3 eliminating job selection and downloads by the operator ensuring the correct data is programmed.

FIS Track enables automated collection, export of programming results for data driven decision making and email or SMS alerts when specified events occur so you can take immediate action to improve productivity.

FIS SDK enables your software engineers to develop custom applications to meet your specific requirements.

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