World Class Software Applications to Simplify the Programming Process

Each customer and programming application has different business problems, quality requirements and cost targets to meet. At Data I/O we understand this. Working in close collaboration with our customers, we have developed a comprehensive suite of value-added software applications to address your specific needs. You can customize many of our programming systems with the following software.

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Data I/O Presents “Secure Programming and Provisioning” at the IoT Security Foundation Conference

Data I/O joins the IoT Security Foundation to bring expertise in silicon provisioning, data programming and manufacturing processes to the IoT ecosystem

Data I/O Announces Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Technology Demonstration at productronica

  LumenX programming technology expands support for next generation flash technology to meet projected 10x performance requirements for automotive electronics

Serial Number Server™ for FlashCORE

Protect and track your intellectual property with serialization. Serial Number Server, when combined with existing FlashCORE programming systems, provides a complete solution for managing unique numbers or other dynamic data from your external source file during the production programming process.

Application Software Catalog

Value-added software solutions to manage, monitor and secure your IP during the programming process.


Seamlessly manage the complexities of NAND with the world's largest library of bad block schemes.  Data I/O's Bad Block Schemes are field-proven Bad Block Schemes management for systems designers using NAND flash memories.