Entry level desktop automation - the next step up from manual programming & duplication

With a break-through in simplicity, the automated FLX family delivers blazing fast throughput in a desktop footprint. The FLX family eliminates human errors typically associated with manual gang programmers & duplicators including bent or damaged leads, coplanarity issues, ESD damage and binning of bad devices with good. The FLX family is affordable automation while still delivering the same quality of larger offline automated systems.

Simplicity: the FLX500 eliminates programming complexities for operators.

  • Ease of use with touch screen monitor and real time graphical user interface
  • Reduce Operator Errors with auto-learn tray mapping and auto-scan features
  • Quick changeover of device packages (less than two minutes) with innovative Socket Actuator design


Unprecedented Performance
At the core of FLX500 is the FlashCORE III programming engine, the industry’s most trusted programming engine. Based on a proprietary FPGA design, FlashCORE III with SuperBoost technology is optimized to program devices at theoretical speeds.

Universal Device Support: With support for virtually any logic, Flash or Microcontroller technology, FlashCORE III can support any of your device programming requirements in a single programming engine.


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