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Upcoming Trade Shows and Events

IPC APEX Expo 2017

San Diego Convention Center
Date:  February 14th - February 16th
Booth:  2741

Featured Solutions:

PV7000 Automated Programming Solution with LumenX Revolutionary Programming Technology is the preferred programming solution by 8 out of the top 9 global automotive electronics manufacturers for data programming.  Learn why more customers choose Data I/O over competitive solutions

1.  High Density eMMC Devices with Large File Sizes for instrument clusters, multi-media infotainment systems and other  application supporting the autonomous car
Problem: Traditional programming methods create bottlenecks during manufacturing

Solution: Data I/O's new LumenX programming engine delivers ultra-fast eMMC programming for the lowest total cost per programmed device

2.  Manage and Secure Data
Problem: Ensure data integrity from design through manufacturing
Solution: Data I/O's Data Management Software for LumenX, Process Control Software and Security Software - manage, monitor and protect IP from engineering through manufacturing.

2.  Extremely Small Parts - WLCSP Devices
Problem: How to pre-program extremely small delicate devices with high yield
Solution:  Data I/O's PSV7000 is engineered to handle the smallest devices reliably and our proprietary High Insertion Count (HIC) sockets deliver the highest programming yield..


PSV7000 with LumenX and LumenX Desktop on display for technology demonstration

Lean more at booth #2741


Data I/O Company & Product Overview

Data I/O Company and Product Overview

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