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When Quality Programming Matters

X-Ray Inspection of Radiation Sensitive Devices

Recommended Best Practices

The rapid growth in automotive flash memory content and the impact of data retention through x-ray inspection has become a topic of discussion amoung automotive electronic suppliers, semiconductor vendors and programming vendors.  Data I/O, the leading global supplier of programming solutions and Nordson DAGE, the leading global supplier of automated x-ray inspection systems, teamed up to conduct a joint test study on this topic.  Together, the two companies took the results of the study and developed a set of recommended best practices and guidelines to ensure data retention when processing pre-programmed Managed-NAND flash through x-ray inspection.  This results of the study and best practices was presented at the IPC APEX Conference and Exhibition.  


Preprogramming MLC NAND

Data I/O and a leading semiconductor company developed best practices for reliably programming small lithography MLC NAND devices.  Data I/O's Best Practices Guidelines enable customers to achieve the highest quality programming and production yield at low costs while leveraging their existing installed base of equipment and current manufacturing processes.

Data I/O supports the latest NAND devices from leading semiconductor manufacturers including:



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  • Anthony Ambrose's presentation from the Flash Memory Summit 2013
  • Data I/O's Best Practices for preprogramming MLC NAND devices 


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