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Whitepapers and Case StudiesWhitepapers and case studies discuss semiconductors, processes, Data I/O products and more.
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Connected Programming StrategyData I/O partners with all major semiconductor manufacturers to provide support for Flash NAND technology, microcontrollers & logic devices on the FlashCORE III programming engine. Learn more about are semiconductor partners.

Data I/O's new programming engine, LumenXTM Technology supports the latest eMMC 4.41 to 5.1 devices and has been evaluated by and received industry support and acclaim from all of the leading eMMC semiconductor manufacturers.  Learn more about what the industry is saying about the LumenX programming platform.

MLC NAND Reliability

Connected Programming StrategyData I/O partnered with a leading Flash semiconductor company to develop a set of best practices for preprogramming MLC NAND devices.

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Flash Programmer - High Speed / High Density Programming Solution - IP Protection - Process Control Software

LumenX Technology

A revolutionary programming platform delivering managed and secure programming with unrivaled performance at an extraordinary value.

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FlashCORE III with SuperBoost Technology

FLASHCORE III ProgrammingSpeed up your programming.  Keep your production processes running at maximum velocity for devices and files of any size. Can you benefit from FlashCORE III?

 SuperBoost EnhancementThe SuperBoost enhancement for FlashCORE III makes e.MMC and embedded SD devices program at blazingly fast speeds.

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NAND Flash Portal

NAND Flash PortalRead application notes from the experts in programming NAND.

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